Is Sweeping Chimneys a Thing of the Past?

‘Chimney sweeps’: it’s a phrase that conjures up images of Victorian London, the Edwardian era, of malnourished little boys, exploited for child labour, of Bert the Sweep from Mary Poppins all covered with soot, of thick pea-souper fogs that provided the perfect cover for Jack the Ripper and other historical images. Some of you might […]

Brightening Up Your Day With Some Extra Warmth

Taking care of London’s chimneys is our passion, duty, and main goal. We created the business long time ago to help homeowners get ready for the cold winter months. Cleaning up the black debris and unpleasantries from your roofs and chimney is a task many people do not realise exist. Regardless of what many would think, this is as important a task as keeping your roof tiles in a good state of repair.

The rule of thumb is – if you have a working fireplace – your chimney needs sweeping. You’d be surprised what dangerous consequences could follow if smoke could not escape your home. Very, very dangerous.

Some people try to clean their own chimneys. I wouldn’t advise you to do it unless you have done it before and you know what you are doing. Anyway, here is a video with some DIY advice:

We encourage you to seek professional help from chimney sweeping companies who specialise in this type of work. Inexperienced individuals can harm their health, cause damage to your health and property and cause losses. Contact us for more information and personalised advice.